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Commercial-grade Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

The commercial-graded kitchen features four sinks, dishwasher, large freezer, large refrigerator, 4-burner stove, demonstration cameras and TV monitor. This kitchen offers plenty of counter space to prepare food and accommodate guests around the island and throughout the work area. Guest stools are available upon request. The kitchen space can be reserved for cooking demonstrations, healthy eating/cooking classes, special events and space to setup food for other events occurring at the Wellness Pavilion. At this time, the kitchen cannot be reserved for catering businesses to prepare catered food for outside events.   

Multi-purpose Space

The multi-purpose space is an open space that can be reserved for various events including workshops, class sessions, yoga, exercise classes, smaller health fairs and special events related to health and wellness. The multi-purpose space is equipped with visual and audio technology including a projector and screen, microphone, DVD player and other features. The space includes mirrored walls, weight racks, hardwood floors and chairs and stools. Tables can be available upon request.  

Meeting Rooms (2)

Two consultation rooms are available for confidential screenings, therapies, consultations and exams. The rooms each feature a sink, exam table, arm chair and exam stool.   

Individual Meeting Office

The individual meeting office can be reserved for individual meetings, counseling sessions and resource and referral services. This office is equipped with a two-way mirror that looks into the larger group meeting space. The individual office should be reserved along with the group meeting space if the use of the two-way mirror is requested. The office includes a desk and three chairs.  

Group Meeting Space

The group meeting space can be reserved for group meetings, group counseling sessions and resource and referral services. The space includes a couch and two armchairs. Please reserve the individual meeting office if you would like access to the two-way mirror.  


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