Is there a cost associated with attending the programs or services at the Wellness Pavilion? 

No, there is no cost to any of the programs or services offered at the Wellness Pavilion. All events are completely free and open to the community! 

What are the Wellness Pavilion’s hours of operation? 

The Wellness Pavilion is open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. Hours can be extended to 8 pm, depending on the programming request. The Wellness Pavilion can also be open on Saturdays, depending on the programming request. We will be closed on holidays observed by the University of Pittsburgh, including select national holidays. Please visit our website and Facebook page for Wellness Pavilion closings/updates. 

Where is the Wellness Pavilion located? 

We are located at the Homewood Community Engagement Center, 622 N. Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208.  

Can University of Pittsburgh students volunteer at the Wellness Pavilion? What are the time commitments for a student volunteer? 

Yes, students can volunteer their time at the Wellness Pavilion. The volunteer times are dependent entirely upon the student’s schedule. We ask that you complete this form to express your interest and time commitment. Pitt School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences students should complete this form and either select "Community Engagement" or "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion". 

What is the Wellness Pavilion? 

The Wellness Pavilion is a student-led space that aims to maintain and improve the health and wellness of its guests across the lifespan. This community-engaged space was designed and funded by the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS). 

How is the Wellness Pavilion different from the other health and wellness organizations in Homewood? 

The intention of the Wellness Pavilion is not to duplicate other programs and services in the community; our goal is to partner with the already established organizations to support the community further and enhance existing programs/services. 

Will the Wellness Pavilion offer college courses? 

No, the Wellness Pavilion will not offer college degrees, but if you are interested in learning about a specific field of study, there will be educational opportunities available. You can also schedule time to talk with our college recruiter. There will be some opportunities for certificate/certification classes. 

How can I volunteer and/or collaborate with the Wellness Pavilion? 

If you are a community member and would like to volunteer your time and/or collaborate with the Wellness Pavilion at the Pitt Community Engagement Center (CEC) in Homewood, please contact Sam Mozden, program coordinator for the SHRS Wellness Pavilion, at sem339@pitt.edu or by calling 412-383-3770. 

Are only the residents of Homewood allowed in the Wellness Pavilion? 

No, anyone can access the programs and services being held at the Wellness Pavilion. We hope that Wellness Pavilion activities and programs will help to improve the quality of life for residents in Homewood and the surrounding communities. 

How can I reserve a space at the Wellness Pavilion? 

Community members and organizations, students, faculty and staff are more than welcome to reserve space within the Wellness Pavilion to host events. Please take a few moments to complete our reservation form

How do I register for programs, services and/or events that are taking place at the Wellness Pavilion? 

You can register for any Wellness Pavilion services, programs and/or events by completing the registration form for that specific event. If you cannot find it, you can able to register by calling us at 412-383-3770, by messaging us on Facebook, or emailing us at wellnesspavilion@groups.pitt.edu.

How often are programs and services held at the Wellness Pavilion? 

Programs and services are offered on a continuous basis. Please follow us on Facebook, visit our website Programs page or visit the Community Engagement Center, Homewood for an updated list of programs/services being held!